What we are hoping to achieve

We’re just trying to raise Awareness; the Prostate Project has raised millions of pounds over the years for cutting edge research and treatment – especially against late-stage cancer; how much better to catch this cancer early?

A simple blood test – Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) – may help with early diagnosis
Spread the word – and get your MOT – it may be the most important birthday present of your life.

Prostate cancer kills 10,000 men each year in the UK.
If you want the best chance of beating cancer, catch it early; prostate cancer often has no significant symptoms; concerned or not, when you hit the danger zone, get yourself tested.

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Prostate cancer can grow slowly or very quickly

Most prostate cancer is slow-growing to start with and may never cause any symptoms or problems in a man’s lifetime. But some men will have cancer that is more aggressive or ‘high risk’. This needs treatment to help prevent or delay it spreading outside the prostate.

  • Problems urinating

    This is often the first sign. Weak flow, problems starting to urinate or needing to go for a pee more often, especially night

  • Bone pain

    For some men, the first noticeable symptoms are from prostate cancer which has spread to their bones. If this happens, you might notice pain in your back, hips or pelvis that was not there before

  • Get it checked!

    Most men with early prostate cancer do not have any symptoms. If you have any concerns see your GP

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